Photographing an Artist at Work

Hisako Kobayashi is an artist living in New York City. Her work is atmospheric, meditative. She creates an entire world through abstraction. She’s represented by a gallery in New York City and had individual and group shows all over the world. Recently she agreed to let me photograph her thinking about, and adding to one of her pieces. It was a very special experience to see how she approaches painting. Humming to herself, talking and pondering, Hisako demonstrated what I would consider mastery of her medium adding a stroke of paint here or rubbing some paint to create a mark which represents a different addition by the artist’s hand.
The way Hisako changed her work space from on the side of the wall to the floor was another fascinating aspect to shooting the artist. Her ability to “feel” the painting and how it worked or didn’t work demonstrated the subtle aesthetic of an artist.
In the end, I came away understanding that the eye of an artist is hard to quantify but it was a privilege to watch someone who possesses this quality at work!

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